Ventilation for industry

25 října, 2017

Exposure to pollutants such as dust, smoke, toxic compounds, condensation, gases or bad smells is common in a high percentage of companies, industrial buildings, waiting rooms, gyms, animal farms or garages. If that’s your case, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in finding the best solution for your industrial ventilation needs and providing the best centrifugal fan for each business.

Depending on the type of company -especially in the hotel and catering sector- or production system, machinery used as well as the capacity and volume of the enclosure, we can use different ventilation techniques, such as the environmental one -distributed throughout the enclosure- or the localized one -which detects the origin of the pollutant and prevents it from spreading through the environment. The aim of both is to guarantee the circulation of fresh air, reducing to the maximum the „charged“ environment -excessive temperature or humidity, impurities-, a factor that will not only contribute to the optimal maintenance of your installations, but also to a better performance of the equipment and workers.

The importance of centrifugal fans and ventilation

Improper ventilation is proven to be detrimental to human and animal health, causing stress and other harmful damage. That is why it is vital to put yourself in the hands of professionals as soon as possible, who study your case and can offer you a totally personalized project. Because renewing the polluted air of your business by a clean one is an imperative in today’s business world, according to current regulations.

We study the needs of each client in order to offer a „tailor-made“ solution. This is the only way to guarantee the highest professionalism at every stage of the project: from planning and construction to commissioning and subsequent maintenance. Our industrial ventilation solutions include centrifugal, helical or axial fans, among other devices, depending on the characteristics of each company.

Industrial ventilation systems are defined as processes that consist of the recovery of air within an enclosure through injection and extraction of air. We can focus the objectives of this process as follows:

  • Keep correct levels of particulate matter or gases that may influence the operation of equipment or machines.

  • Ensure the purity and cleanliness of the air breathed and care for the ventilated space of bacteria entering through the air.

  • Contribute to the temperature conditioning of the enclosure and fight against fire fumes that may be generated.

Types of industrial ventilation systems

  • Forced ventilation: It is executed through the artificial injection of overpressure or depressions in ducts responsible for distributing air inside the building. They are provided by means of air handling units, exhaust fans, fans, etc.

  • Natural ventilation: It is carried out by means of the correct distribution and location of surfaces, ducts, passages or taking advantage of the overpressure or depressions that are created internally in the structure thanks to wind, sun, humidity, or thermal convection of the air without the contribution of mechanical work that provides additional energy.

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