Ventilation for industry

25 října, 2017

Exposure to pollutants such as dust, smoke, toxic compounds, condensation, gases or bad smells is common in a high percentage of companies, industrial buildings, waiting rooms, gyms, animal farms or garages. If that’s your case, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in finding the best solution for your industrial ventilation needs and providing the best centrifugal fan for each business.

Depending on the type of company -especially in the hotel and catering sector- or production system, machinery used as well as the capacity and volume of the enclosure, we can use different ventilation techniques, such as the environmental one -distributed throughout the enclosure- or the localized one -which detects the origin of the pollutant and prevents it from spreading through the environment. The aim of both is to guarantee the circulation of fresh air, reducing to the maximum the „charged“ environment -excessive temperature or humidity, impurities-, a factor that will not only contribute to the optimal maintenance of your installations, but also to a better performance of the equipment and workers.

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